Why Asphalt is the Reliable Choice for Driveways

Customers are always asking about the material that will best serve them in the coming years. They want to figure out what material should be on their driveway. And the choices that you see are the usual suspects: asphalt, concrete, brick and pure stone. There are some great options in there. But each of them has some pros and cons. We are going to go over these and tell you why asphalt is the most reliable choice for a driveway.

We will start by saying that stone pavers are the best choice when money is not an issue. They are going to give an incredible aesthetic and they are not too hard to repair or maintain either. But the cost to install an entirely stone paved driveway is very expensive. It is something that is beyond the budget for most homeowners. And that is the reason why we will go to the other options.

Brick is okay in very limited use cases. But it is not the most long lasting and it is only going to have one type of look. That is why concrete and asphalt are the two options that usually become the popular choice. And it is why we will compare these two right now.

Concrete vs. Asphalt

While concrete does have its merits, most driveway paving contractors in California will tell you that asphalt is superior. Why? Because it gives more for less. It costs less to install than concrete. And it is a lot cheaper to maintain and repair. When concrete is cracked, the price for repairs is huge. And the repaired sections end up looking unnatural since they are a different color to the rest of the driveway. It is not a good deal at all.

But asphalt does not have those issues. It is the perfect material if you want a driveway that looks nice and will not set you back tens of thousands of dollars during the installation. It is why so many asphalt paving contractors in California are getting more work. Customers are starting to realize the merits of asphalt.

Even though it is cheaper than concrete, it lasts almost as long. And the appearance of asphalt near the end of its life is much better. Concrete is usually a cracked, dull mess within 10 years. Asphalt looks great even 15 or 20 years later. Eventually, it will need replacing. But that is only because the structural integrity can only stay for so long. The aesthetics are rarely the issue.

And repairs on asphalt are not hard either. A crack is easy to replace. And maintenance is very affordable. Annual maintenance is what most asphalt paving companies in California would recommend for these driveways.

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