About Us

When you spend decades in a single industry, it becomes your life’s passion. It is how we feel about the construction industry. And when we decided to call time on our work with different construction companies and asphalt paving contractors in California, we wanted to remain in the business. Instead of going into another industry, we decided to stick with what we knew: construction.

Starting a construction magazine is something we talked about for many years. Eventually we decided to take the plunge. And it has been an incredible journey over the past two years. Our magazine has grown so much in that time. We barely had a few readers for the first issue. Now we have thousands of people visiting the site each day, which is a dream come true. And we want to grow even more.

It is why we are so focused on producing the best possible content for our audience. We want our readers to feel like they are getting a unique perspective when they are reading stories on the magazine. Whether you are running a driveway paving company in California or you are a construction worker, we believe there is something in the magazine that will interest you.

We try to keep our issues unique and diverse. We want to cover various topics. We do not focus on the top companies. It is important that workers get good representation within our magazine, because we believe they are the backbone of the industry. It is why we have profiles not only on major companies and CEOs in California’s construction industry, but on the average construction worker too.

Hearing from our readers is a great feeling. If you have any thoughts on the magazine, or a topic you want us to cover, send us an email through the site.