Building an Asphalt Paving Business

Starting a new business in any industry is a challenge. But the construction industry is even more difficult to break into. Companies have been around for decades, which allows them to build a reputation among the local audience. It can be a huge challenge for anyone new to disturb this balance. But if you are thinking about opening an asphalt paving company in California, we have some advice that will help you.

Start Small

Taking on some immense projects during the very beginning is not a good idea. Your company is growing and you are taking on the types of jobs that a seasoned business would be handling. It is too much of a challenge right at the beginning. It is much better to start with more manageable projects and schedules. It will allow you to get some good feedback from your customers. Those are the people who are going to give your business the word of mouth that you need to find long term success.

Hire the Right Crew

A new business is only as good as the crew that is working at different sites. If you are trying to cut corners when it comes to hiring your crew, your business will fail. It is a simple situation. If you are trying to get away with paying lower wages and only hiring employees part time, you cannot expect to attract the best construction workers in the area.

When your business is starting out, you must offer more to workers to get them to arrive at your company. It is only through higher wages and better benefits that you will be able to snag the best employees from around the area. There are so many asphalt paving contractors in California. How can you convince a worker that your company is the right fit? A great wage would be the start.

And when you are hiring your crew, ensure you are keeping it small in the beginning. Having 50 full-time employees when you are not making the money to justify that expenditure is a bad idea. It is better to have a great core crew, who will handle all the jobs, instead of hiring too many people. You can always hire more in the future, when you are taking on more high paying jobs.

Leverage Your Customers

The best way for a new company to break the stranglehold of existing businesses is by leveraging customers. These are the people who will help your business grow. Say you are working on a few residential driveway pavement contracting projects in California right now. These projects will be done in a couple weeks. Ensure you are satisfying your customers. Point out that if they were to say good things about your company, you would get more business. Customers are happy to point their friends and family in your direction, provided they know you are the real deal.

Find the Ideal Openings

Being an asphalt paving contractor in California is not so tough. There are so many areas in the state where you will find good projects. But you must find the right city. Look at the development stats for different cities to see where you would be the best fit. Where do you have the most chances of picking up new clients? That is the city where you should base your business.

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